Remote Well


User Authentication

Allows users to log in, and manage their accounts with usernames and passwords. Also as user does the remember me that the password and username will be saved. If the user does not remember me then the  1 hour session will be removed it.


Displays an overview information about the device 

  • ON/OFF Status along with Phase error
  • Phase values
  • Trip Status
  • Electricity Status
  • Current Power Consumed
  • Power Factor and Consumed Units 

Consumption History

Allow user to see last week statistics of RW device in which show the total energy consumed, run time, last maintenance ,  Average Run time ,Last Phase error and last trip error will be shown it on the sidebar. if the user want to see the   file history graph can be  easily  downloaded in PDF, SVG and CSV file on the dashboard.


Allow user to 

  • View all existing schedules
  • Create new schedules by providing relevant details
  • Delete a schedule, including all associated events and data

History Details

Shows detailed information about each history record, including relevant attributes such as

  • History Type
  • Date
  • Device Run Time
  • Energy Consumed

Device Errors

Display the presence of errors or specific error conditions on the device. All the device is green state that the is not error state. If the current sequence is red blinking so that the device is error state

Device Details

Displays detailed electrical parameters about each phase attached to the device which shown all the devices of phases how much voltage and power factor is used that the calculate energy all the phases of devices displayed in the dashboard.


Display about the information of user profile. User can easily change the information and password except username because once the username was given, the username was not changed in later