Remote Well

About RemoteWell


RemoteWell is an IoT Device that is designed for tube wells and drips irrigation systems for switching, scheduling, controlling, and various electrical protections. It includes  predictive maintenance (addon), air and water quality monitoring(addon), and most importantly, power consumed vs output water to monitor the efficiency of the overall system.

RemoteWell is currently deployed in more than 10 districts of Pakistan Lahore, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Pakpattan, Okara, Lodhran and Bahawalpur. The company has got a great response from farmer groups and plans on deploying the product all over the country in 2022.

Why RemoteWell !!

Major Challenges

Local Presence / Physical Work

Undigitized farms rely on physical work and local presence to control the workflows like irrigation and fertilization

No Possibility to Aggregate Data

There is no possibility to aggregate important data like, humidity, temperature and soil quality over a constant period of time.

Revenue and Energy Wastage

Energy efficiency, crop performance and technical failures can not be controlled or monitored adequately

Social & Economical Impact

Bottlenecks in crop performances are rising and impacting socio-economic conditions. Additionally, un-tracked farm numbers are growing!

Core Features

App Supported

Free iOS and Android Remote well App is available.

Schedule Status

Check active schedule status via App.

Energy Monitoring

Monitor real-time power, current and voltage.

Real Time data

Turn Tube Well off and on from anywhere with the help of Mobile App.

Phase Fault Protection

The protection relay trips the motor in the case of fault.

Wifi Control Device

Turn Tube Well off and on from anywhere with the help of Mobile App.

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Everything you need for any workflow

Easily build your ideal workflow with

User Auntentication


Consumption History


History Details

Device Errors

Device Details


User Authentication

Allows users to log in, and manage their accounts with usernames and passwords.


Displays an overview information about the device 

  • ON/OFF Status along with Phase error 
  • Phase values
  • Trip Status
  • Electricity Status
  • Current Power Consumed
  • Power Factor and Consumed Units

Consumption History

Allows users to see & download the history graph in PDF, SVG and CSV files on the Dashboard. 


Allow user to 

  • View all existing schedules,
  • Create new schedules by providing relevant details,
  • Delete a schedule, including all associated events and data.

History Details:

Shows detailed information about each history record, including relevant attributes such as:

  • History Type, 
  • Date, 
  • Device Run Time, 
  • Energy Consumed.

Device Errors:

Display the presence of errors or specific error conditions on the device.

Device Details:


Displays detailed electrical parameters about each phase attached to the device 


Displays general information about the user, and provides the option to update his information and password.

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