About Us

RemoteWell is a device which can be attached to 3 phase tube well motor (any 3 phase motor, in general) and control it remotely via RemoteWell mobile app. RemoteWell needs internet access (over Wi-Fi) to communicate with RemoteWell mobile app. It provides phase failure protection, overloading protection and maintenance mode protection to protect you expensive machine. RemoteWell provides user with tremendous control over its machine like turning tube well on/off, setting schedule for tube well on/off, access to history of events, failure protections etc.


An advanced technology that contains a remote-controlled device to help to run tube well installed in their farms by their mobile while sitting far away from their farm sites. Economically helps to reduce utility bills and stabilize the electricity prices and volatility. Reduces efforts (human), hard work and labor cost by optimizing  schedule. Maintenance is easy to perform yourself due to the modular design.

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